European Women’s Go Championship 2015 & Turkish Summer Go Camp

Eternal Go – Time warp by April Ye, USA
Eternal Go – Time warp by April Ye, USA

Welcome to the official web page of the European Women’s Go Championship 2015 & Turkish Summer Go Camp.

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We would like to announce that the 2015 European Women’s Go Championship (EWGC) will take place on 11-12 July in Çıralı, Antalya.

The event will be combined with the Turkish Summer Go Camp which will take place between 3-12 July. Participants will have the chance to participate in the Turkish Summer Go Camp and practice a week before the tournament if they would like to. Please see details and prices below.


Çıralı is a one hour drive toward the west of Antalya and a small vacation town. It is a doubly protected area, once for being an archeological site of the ruins the city of Olympos and Temple of Fire at Chimerea and second as a natural reserve for being the nesting grounds of Caretta Caretta, giant sea turtles.

Thanks to these two properties there are no huge and ugly hotels in this area. Instead there are “pansiyons” with comfortable, air conditioned and en suite bungalows blended in with orange orchards.

EWGC will be held in Kıyı Pansiyon in Çıralı. Çıralı is 70 kms from Antalya. We will provide transportation for official representatives from Antalya airport on Friday evening. For details about this transport please contact us with your flight details. If you are trying to get to Çıralı on your own please note that Çıralı beach is 7 kms off the main Antalya-Kaş road and public transport will drop you at the junction 7 kms away from the venue. We can also pick you up from that junction if you let us know your arrival time.


Turkish Summer Go Camp 2015

This year we are organizing the 7th Turkish Summer Go Camp and the Turkish Summer Go Camps have a reputation for studying hard and partying hard. Besides having many strong players to practice with we have workshops to help you improve your level. The camp will take place close to the seaside so in between hard study you will have the chance to swim in the beautiful Mediterranean. One afternoon we have a boat trip to nearby bays. And at nights we have nice parties by campfire, guitar playing, going to dancing clubs one or two nights and many fun people with all kinds of interesting games to play.

Summer Camp Program

3 July, Friday

4 July, Saturday
Late check-in. Beginning of continuous tournament. Welcome party.

5 July, Sunday
Sunday rapid tournament.

6 July, Monday
Morning: 1st round of main tournament. Afternoon: Workshop

7 July, Tuesday
2nd round of main tournament. Afternoon: Workshop

8 July, Wednesday
3rd round of main tournament. Afternoon: Sightseeing tour.

9 July, Thursday
4th round of main tournament. Afternoon: Workshop

10 July, Friday
Final round of main tournament. Afternoon: Workshop. Closing ceremony and prize giving. Closing Party.

11-12 July, Weekend
EWGC side events for the camp participants including live game commentary, blitz tournament and team tournament.


European Women’s Go Championship 2015

Tournament Program

10 July, Friday
Meeting, registration all day long. Welcome party from 20:00.

11 July, Saturday
08:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 – First round
14:00 – Second round
18:00 – Third round

12 July, Sunday
08:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 – Fourth round
14:00 – Final round
18:00 – Prize giving ceremony and closing party.

There will be side events as the tournament is combined with the Turkish Summer Go Camp. There will be many go players who are not participating in the tournament.

The European Women’s Go Championship is open to women players representing Go Federations/Associations which comprise the European Go Federation regardless of their title or rating. There is also no limit in the number of participants per countries. One official representative from each country (EGF rank 5 kyu or stronger) will have free accommodation at KIYI Pansiyon in Çıralı for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.


System and Rate of Play

The championship will be organized in 5 rounds Swiss or McMahon system depending on the number of registrants, in accordance with Japanese rules.

The rate of play will be 60 minutes plus 10/25 moves Canadian byo-yomi.


Tournament Director

Tournament Director: Kerem Karaerkek 3 Dan EGF


The main organizer is Turkish Go Players’ Association under the auspices of the European Go Federation and the main sponsor of the event is Middle Earth Travel Agency.


tgodegf  middle earth travel


Accomodation and Prices

There are two choices for accommodation.

1) Off the Road Camp : Where the go camp will be held. If you want to stay here you can stay in a tent or a reed tent. Bathroom and showers outside and shared.

Prices per person, including breakfast and dinner are as following:

Reed tent for one 70 TL
Reed tent for two 60 TL
Large tent with 2 beds 60 TL
Large tent with single bed 55 TL
Bringing own tent 50 TL


2) Kıyı Pansiyon : Where the EWGC 2015 will take place. This place has big and nicer bungalows with en suite bathrooms and showers and air conditioning in the rooms.

Prices per person, including breakfast and dinner are as following:

Room for one 112 TL
Room for two 75 TL


Entry Fee

EWGC is free for official representatives from EGF countries.
For all others there is an entry fee of 10 Euros.
The summer camp has an entry fee of 50 TL (accommodation and leasure costs not included).

EWGC 2015 & Go Camp Registrants

1NameStrenghtCountryGo Events
2Lucian Corlan5dRomaniaGo Camp
3Natalia Kovaleva5dRussiaEWGC
4Rita Pocsai4dHungaryEWGC
5Elvina Kalsberg3dRussiaEWGC
6Manja Marz3dGermanyEWGC
7Joanne Leung2dUKEWGC
8Kerem Karaerkek2dTurkeyGo Camp
9Laura-Augustina Avram2dRomaniaEWGC
10Marika Dubiel 2dNetherlandsEWGC
11Anastasia Khlepetina1dRussiaEWGC
12Doğaç Köse1dTurkeyGo Camp
13Hataycan Özgür1dTurkeyGo Camp
14Serkan Solmazoğlu1dTurkeyGo Camp
15Jana Hricova1kCzechiaEWGC
16Mustafa Morca1kTurkeyGo Camp
17Ege Köse2kTurkeyGo Camp
18Nataša Bošnjak2kSerbiaEWGC
19Seval Altuğ2kTurkeyEWGC & Go Camp
20Eren Özdemir4kTurkeyGo Camp
21Kadir Şahin4kTurkeyGo Camp
22Doğacan Ege Altınsu5kTurkeyGo Camp
23Ekin Küçüksönmez 6kTurkeyGo Camp
24Sandra Woelffel6kSwitzerlandEWGC
25Özge Özdemir6kTurkeyEWGC & Go Camp
26Melisa Kurtuluş7kTurkeyEWGC
27Z. Bilge Göze8kTurkeyGo Camp
28Elif Yeke10kTurkeyGo Camp
29Deniz Nedret Karagülle10kTurkeyEWGC
30Dilgecan Aka10kTurkeyEWGC
31Haluk Keskin10kTurkeyGo Camp
32Hande Olgar10kTurkey
EWGC & Go Camp
33Sinan Çervatoğlu12kTurkeyGo Camp
34Ege Balçık16kTurkeyEWGC
35Berna Algan Acuner17kTurkeyEWGC
36Erdem Oymak20kTurkeyGo Camp
37Nadide Burcu Öncel20kTurkeyGo Camp
38Ufuk Karabiber30kTurkeyGo Camp

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